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What Are the Signs That You Need a Plumber? When it comes to plumbing, there will be instances when you’re faced with a problem without any warning. Fortunately, majority of small plumbing issues can be fixed without the need of an expert’s help. Provided you have the basic plumbing tools, you’ll end the day with the problem already solved. However, not every day is your lucky day. There are times when difficult and very complicated plumbing problems surface and you don’t have any other choice but to call in a plumber. What are these problems? 1 – Your faucet doesn’t stop dripping.
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You may not be as concerned as you should be, but a dripping faucet that doesn’t stop will lead to one thing – an increased water bill. The funny thing is a slow dripping faucet may be harmless, but it’s very annoying and difficult to fix. By calling in a residential plumbing professional, you get the assurance that the root of the issue will be determined and fixed.
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2 – The bathtub stops draining. While it is true that there are so many different clogs you may have to deal with sooner or later, the one that involves the bathtub is something that needs to be solved as soon as possible. In line with this, you should call a plumber to handle the problem and don’t assume you can do it on your own. A plumber, with the experience and skills he has, knows for a fact that a bathtub clog could have a more serious and difficult underlying cause. 3 – Your pipes are frozen. The chance of pipes freezing only happen in winter, but once you ignore it totally, you’ll end up facing huge consequences regarding your entire plumbing system. So the moment you see this already happening, there is no other solution but to call the plumbing expert immediately. If your pipes are frozen and you do nothing about it, it’ll eventually crack or burst. A burst pipe in turn means excessive water damage to your property. 4 – Irregular water flow. This type of plumbing problem needs your immediate attention because it is a very serious issue. The most obvious reason for this problem is an inconsistent water pressure. In many instances, there is a problem in the water pressure because of mineral buildup in the fixtures. However, the problem could also be more than just mineral buildup, say an issue in the main water supply line; this right here is something that warrants the expertise of a plumber. A DIY enthusiast’s skills aren’t enough to figure out how to get the water pressure back to normal. So once you see any of those problems in your plumbing system, there no longer is any other option available than to call a plumber and let him fix what needs to be fixed.